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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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watching "strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. coming up, joining us straight ahead on "sunday morning futures" right here, republican senator john hohmann. mitch mcconnell says he intends to act on the shutdown bill this week, but can it pass? house speaker nancy pelosi are says the president's proposal is a nonstarter, so what will bring democrats to the bargaining table? also with us, freshman congressman jeff van drew on why he did not support nancy pelosi for a second time. then congressman john ratcliff
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from the house judiciary committee reacting to new revelations this week that bruce ohr did tell his doj colleagues about the salacious and unverified trump dossier that it was linked to the clinton campaign, so why didn't they tell the fisa court? all that and more coming up right now as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: we begin with president trump unveiling a new proposal yesterday to end the government shutdown. it would include temporary protections for daca recipients in exchange for border wall funding. the president urging democrats to get onboard. >> this is a common sense compromise both parties should embrace. the radical left can never control our borders. i will never let it happen. walls are not immoral. in fact, they are the opposite
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of immoral because they will save many lives and stop drugs from pouring into our country. maria: meanwhile, the president tweeting to speaker pelosi regarding her call to delay the state of the union: until the government is reopen, nancy, i am still thinking about the state of the union speech. there are so many options including doing it as per your written offer made during the shutdown, security is no problem in my written acceptance. while a contract is a contract, i'll get back to you soon. joining me right now, republican senator from north dakota senator john hoeven is with us this morning in washington sitting on the senate appropriations committee as well as the senate intercontinental ballistic missile coalition. he's also the former governor of north dakota. sir, good to have you on the program, senator, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, maria. maria: your reaction to the president's plan announced yesterday. >> yeah, it's a good proposal, and we're going to put it on the floor this week in the senate,
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and i sincerely hope that our colleagues from across the aisle will work with us on this. let's get this passed, let's end the shutdown as well as fund border security. maria: so you are going to bring this to the floor on tuesday. do you believe you'll have the votes? >> you know, i think it may take some work, but i think we can get there. look, we've got provisions in here that the democrats have indicated they very much want whether it's daca or humanitarian assistance or technology at the border points of entry. these are all things that they've said they want in the deal. we're putting them out there. the president laid it out last night, and they need to work with us. maria: and many of the things here were part of the bridge act which we know that they voted on before, and they voted yes. so this upcoming week the senate will take up the bill that extends tps, temporary protected status, for daca recipients as well as the overall daca recipients help, funds
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humanitarian aid for migrants and, obviously, ends the shutdown. what do you believe your colleagues on the left will have a problem with in terms of that list? >> well, look, these are things that our colleagues have voted for before. in addition, we'll include the appropriations bills which are bipartisan and they have supported as well as the supplementals for disaster assistance to help with the hurricanes we had in florida and georgia, with the fires in california, the earthquake we had up in alaska. so, look, this is -- it's very compelling. these are things that they've wanted, that they've promised to their constituents. they need to work with -- and i get there may be some back and forth, but they need to work with us now to get it done, and let's get it done this week. maria: it includes border security funding, the president's $5.7 billion. >> right. maria: is that what is going to be the nonstarter, that it includes money for border security? >> look, we need to not only fund the government, all the things we've described before,
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but we've got to have border security which includes funding for the wall, and that's something they have voted for before. that is just common sense part of national security, border security. maria: okay. so let me ask you what the justification would be in terms of not providing the money for border security given that all of these things have already been thicks that they've -- things that they voted on and, frankly, there's already a border wall in nancy pelosi's state, which we're going to talk about with congresswoman debbie dingell right after we discuss this. so tell me your thinking in terms of what your colleagues will push back on. >> well, that's it. this is just basic common sense. first, it's just part of national security. second, they've voted for it before. we have existing border wall, border fence, whatever you want to call it. they've -- democrats have funded it for previous presidents including president obama. there's no reason to turn this down, particularly now when we're reaching out and
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compromising on things that they want. maria: well, you're looking to fund the government until at least september. you're on the appropriations committee. senator, tell us where the priorities are for this government in terms of allocating capital. >> well, you've seen it. you know, i saw earlier you were talking about the stock market going up, that's because the economy is so strong. we ended the year with more than 3% growth. that comes because we've cut taxes and because we've reduced the regulatory burden. so if we can continue to focus on these fundamentals and get our economy to grow and then make sure we do the things that people want, find ways to reduce costs in terms of the overall cost of government to have strong security, support our military, our law enforcement, you know, do the things -- address the health care issues, bring down the cost of prescription drugs. those are the kinds of fundamentals that help our people in their everyday lives across the country. maria: when do you start making, reining in spending a priority? >> that has -- maria: you and
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your colleagues just voted and passed the farm bill, $867 billion over the next ten years. it's a head scratcher that you would agree to $867 billion farm bill, and yet you can't find $5.7 billion for border security? >> well, we absolutely and need to find the funding for border security, no question about it. we actually saved money over the last number of years in the farm bill. and, again, if we can keep it from growing, find savings where we can and keep our economy growing, that's how you reduce the debt and deficit. maria: what's your view in terms of the impact of this shutdown on the economy? >> well, you know, obviously, it will have some negative effect, but the cu key is the underlying fundamentals which i just talked about a minute ago. as long as we keep, you know, those fundamentals strong in terms of good economic policy and keep that job growth going, the economy will grow. and you're seeing wage growth, which is so important -- maria: do you believe it's that
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one-tenth of a percent impact per week as a result of the government shutdown? i mean, i recognize it hasn't really hit the private sector yet, but when that happens, that would have an impact on broad economic growth, right? >> it will have an impact. again, that's why let's -- we're putting the bill on the floor this week, let's get it done, and that'll take care of it. more more you think you'll have the votes necessary next week, on tuesday or wednesday? >> it's going to talk some work, but this is a compelling package. we're offering compromise -- maria: when you say "work," what do you mean it's going to take work? you're going to try to -- yeah. >> there may be some provisions in there that they may want to adjust, add or change a little bit. but at the end of the day, we've got to continue to work the find that compromise and get it done. and this package that the president's put forward, we worked with him to do it, is a good package. we can get to a resolution, end the border shutdown -- excuse me, end the government shutdown, make sure we have border funding for security and cover a lot of
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priorities that democrats have said they very much want to get done. maria: yeah. speaking of security, you introduced this week a bipartisan resolution supporting the modernization and maintenance of the country's intercontinental ballistic missile fleet, icbm fleet. tell us about it. >> right. it follows the administration's missile defense review. it's parking lot of defending our country -- part of defending our country, making sure as our adversaries increase their capabilities that we can defeat them. we always have to have the technological edge so that we cannot only defend our country, but keep our troops safe when they're out there defending us. we need to make sure that they have superiority in terms of technology and weapon systems. maria: and the other nuclear countries -- true shah, china, iran, north korea -- are they pursuing advancements in their weaponry? >> exactly right, and that's why we have to stay ahead of them. both in our icbm and our abm, antiballistic or missile defense
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systems. it's both. maria: so in terms of allocating capital toward defense, is that in jeopardy in any way as you look to fund the government til september? >> that has to be an absolute priority. i mean, that's what we're talking about when we talk about border security, supporting our military, supporting, you know, our law enforcement. those are fundamentals to keeping our country and our people safe. that's got to be an absolute priority. maria: senator, let me end where i began, and that is on this plan from the president. what do you expect republicans are going to have to give on in order to get your colleagues on the left to vote for this? >> you know, again, i get that speaker pelosi and minority leader schumer have come out and said, oh, it's not good enough. i get that, but the fundamentals are there. so there may be some adjustments in some of these provisions we've talked about. but all the elements are there to get to an agreement. people want us to get to an agreement now and get this done.
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maria: senator, good to have you on the program this morning. we will be watching the developments on tuesday this upcoming week. thank you. >> thank you, maria. maria: well, the shutdown is entering day 30. a new migrant caravan has crossed into mexico. griff jenkins is embedded with the caravan, he will bring us a report coming up next. and then that buzzfeed report that claims president trump instructed michael cohen to lie to congress is getting rare pushback from the special counsel, robert mueller's team. we'll talk about that when we come back. follow me on twitter @maria bartiromo and @sunday futures. let us know what you'd like to hear about. we're coming back in two minutes' time as we look ahead on "sunday morni
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. hundreds more central american migrants setting their sights on the united states. a new caravan crossing into mexico on their journey toward the southern border in the u.s.
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greve jenkins is live -- griff jenkins is live right now in mexico with the caravan. griff, what's the latest there, and is there another caravan behind this one? >> reporter: well, or maria, we're about -- there is. in fact, there's a caravan starting in honduras this morning, already on their way as many as 1,000 or more according to relatives. what you're seeing now, it's hot out here. it's 90 plus degrees, and this is earlier this morning there was about seven or eight buses that picked up people. it was being provided by, by the local government, so this is mexican-level government assisting this caravan. you see people piling onto these vehicles which is dangerous, and if you walk here, you can see them trying to get into this truck as well and get there any way they can. it's interesting, you know, we saw just a few days ago, maria, that mexico said they were going to enforce their southern border, but yet we saw open gates temporarily, so they made very little effort to stop that.
10:16 pm
and now you have this situation here playing out. now, we talked just 15 minutes ago to a gentleman off camera in spanish that said he was part of the first caravan, made it to tijuana, went across at san diego, got deported, and he's making the second trek. just to give you some idea, the southern border of mexico all the way to tijuana is, essentially, 2500 miles, the equivalent of walking from washington, d.c. to los angeles. so this gentleman i'm just describing did that trek, now he's doing it again in so many weeks. but as you can see, this just isn't a safe situation for these people as both local folks here as well as the local governments seem to be helping to assist this migrant caravan. so there is another one started, as i mentioned. and interestingly enough, in honduras today we're told this is a call for a national strike against president hernandez, that's part of the reason why they're fleeing. they don't trust what they say is a corrupt president there.
10:17 pm
i will say one more thing, maria, we do have some new numbers, 2,69 -- 3,691 are the migrants who took the mexican offer to get a temporary work visa. maria: the president had tweeted earlier in the week saying mexico wasn't helping us with this. you mentioned the border near tijuana, that border wall is right in nancy pelosi's state. we're going to talk with congresswoman debbie dingell about that in a moment. look, you've spoken with a lot of these migrants, i saw you on the air yesterday, and he said, oh, you know, they're going to just sneak in. what are their intentions, griff? because you've been talking with some of the people in there. can you explain who's on that bus, who's in the caravan and what their intentions are? >> reporter: absolutely, maria. their intentions are to come to the united states. it's a mix of women and children, but i would say easily three-fourths are males, and they -- i ask almost all of them, the first question i say
10:18 pm
is do you know that the united states is trying to make it harder for you to get in, that you won't qualify, 95% of you won't qualify for asylum in the united states just because of needing a job, and they all say they don't care, they're coming anyway. so whether or not you're one of the 3,600 that got a temporary work visa, which made free travel to the u.s. border in tijuana, or whether you're part of this group right here, it's fair to say that almost all have a final destination of the united states whether they come legally or illegally. maria: griff, great job on the ground in mexico. joining me right now is michigan congresswoman debbie dingell. congresswoman, it's good to see you this morning. first, give me your reaction to the president's plans which he laid out yesterday? >> you know, i'm going to say several things. one, he didn't say a word about any of the workers that have been furloughed, about getting the government open again, and i'm just meeting with so many
10:19 pm
workers who are desperate. they're about to have a second, next friday they'll miss their second paycheck. he's got to reopen the government. i'm sorry, maria. maria: no the problem. have some water, if you can. i know the feeling, i've had a cough for the last couple of days. congresswoman, let me ask you, you said he didn't mention workers. isn't that the whole pointer of this proposal, to open the government and get his border security money for the wall, because this proposal that that the president put on the table yesterday extends the temporary protective services for daca recipients, helps dak -- daca recipients, funds humanitarian aid for migrants and, of course, in all of this ends the government shutdown. that was the point of it, congresswoman. >> well, or first of all, what he did was put on the table things that have already been rejected by both the house and the senate before -- maria: well -- >> we are going -- but they have
10:20 pm
been rejected. maria: what about the bridge act? i believe the democrats voted for the bridge act, and many of these proposals were part of the bridge act, congresswoman. >> you know what's going to happen next week, maria? we're going to put on the house floor six bills which have been negotiated by senate and house conference committees to reopen the government, reopen those six other agencies. then let's get in the room and have a real discussion about how we keep this nation safe. you know, i don't know any democrat that doesn't care about keeping our nation safe. we do need to have border security -- maria: well, let me stop you there, congresswoman, because you say you don't know any democrats who don't want border security, and yet none of them voted for kate's law, none of them voted to end sanctuary city status the, none of them voted for the daca plan that the president put on the table. can you really say that when they haven't voted for any to the above? >> you know, yes, i can say that, and i'm going to talk about how we need to support actual policy that works. how do you keep our borders
10:21 pm
safe, how do you make sure -- we have 3,000 open positions right now for custom and border patrol. we need to fill those positions. you know, if you want to talk about drugs coming into this countrying which the president talked about yesterday, 90% of cocaine, 88% of opiates and 80% of fentanyl comes in at the ports. we're doing nothing -- maria: congresswoman, we're going to take a quick break, but with all due respect, everything you're saying we've heard from the president, and that's the reason he put the proposal on the table. i want to take a short break, i want to show you when we come back the map of the wall that separates tijuana and san diego, because it's real compelling. >> okay. maria: stay with us. more as we get your thoughts also on special counsel mueller's statements disputing buzzfeed that the president directed his personal attorney,
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♪ ♪ maria: and we're back with congresswoman debbie dingell. congresswoman, i want you to talk to me a bit about why the speaker and your colleagues are so against some kind of fencing or barrier on our southern border. in fact, nancy pelosi has a border wall right in her own state. we're going to look at this map right here of tijuana and the wall that separates tijuana and san diego. you've got about three million people in tijuana and three million in san diego. why wasn't one of her first points on the agenda to tear down this wall if it's immoral? >> so what i want is border security, which i think means -- and i think most democrats mean -- let's all get in the room and talk about what that border security is. there are many parts along that border that a wall doesn't even work. there's rivers, etc. we have new technology out.
10:26 pm
we have drones. we have sensors. we should be using all of it, ya. maria: absolutely. >> so why do we have to close six other departments, and let's get in regular order, let's get in a room, let's all agree on border security, a package that'll truly keep us safe, and let's reopen the government. maria: i think you make a lot of good points because there are areas of the country where we don't need a wall probably like near the rio grande where there's this open space. if a migrant, if an illegal immigrant comes and tries to hide in that area, he'll probably or she'll probably be found pretty quickly because it's miles and miles of open space. but i want to get your take specifically on the southern border and specific specifically this wall in the city wanna. because this is a dense area with three million people outside and another three million on the other side. if you want to tear that wall down, do you think eventually those people would just assimilate, and those three million in tijuana would,
10:27 pm
basically, just become citizens in the u.s.? not legally, obviously, but just assimilate into the population? would that happen? >> first of all, nobody is saying we don't need border security. maria: no, no, congresswoman, i'm specifically asking you about the border in nancy pelosi's state. >> they're not even filling all the positions to keep that border safe finish. maria: should that wall be torn down? >> no, i don't, i haven't been to visit the site. i don't know all the specifics of it -- maria: well, let me give you some specifics. let me give you -- >> all right, go ahead. maria: border apprehensions just from that wall just in the month of november, 2018, and in california there were 7,764 apprehensions. nearly 7,800 border ap apprehensions in california alone. last year total apprehensions for the month of november, nearly 52,000. i guess that tells you that wall
10:28 pm
workings. would you say that that wall in nancy pelosi's state is working? >> there are places that it is appropriate -- maria: how about that specific wall in tijuana and san diego? >> because i haven't visited, i'm not going to say for sure, but i'm not going to say it should come down either. i'm -- one thing i've learned about when you are seasoned, don't comment when you don't have all the facts and don't know if you're walking into something -- but i'll tell you what, the next time you talk the me, i'm going to study it and have the answer. maria: i just wonder why nancy pelosi and your colleagues are so against it when we know there's a wall in her own state. let me ask you, let's take a step back, congresswoman, and let's just try to understand better whether or not this is all politics. because we know that many of your colleagues voted for a border wall twice. that includes nancy pelosi, barack obama, hillary clinton in terms of the need to protect the american citizens. we know that.
10:29 pm
now, donald trump has the idea, he made it a campaign promise, and he said all throughout the campaign build that wall a number of times. is that the reason that you're against the wall and your colleagues against the wall, because it was now donald trump's campaign promise? >> first of all, i've been really clear, i don't think compromise is a dirty word, and i have always said that. i do believe that we need to have a conversation about border security, and border security is a much larger topic. do i think we're political right now? i absolutely do. and i think it's ridiculous. i think that there are -- we need to reopen the government. there are so many services that aren't getting done now from people that need help. and the people that aren't being paid. i get, i mean, i had a mother this week called me who's been deemed an essential service employee. she doesn't have, hasn't been paid in a month, can't pay for her child's daycare, daycare's
10:30 pm
kicking her out, she can't take time out -- she's working at denny's till til midnight. maria: you just said we have to have a conversation, isn't that what we're doing? >> you and i are. maria: no, no, that's a why the president put something on the table yesterday, this is what they're doing, right? they're having a conversation, and a moment ago you said the president hasn't spoken about the thousands of people who are not getting paid. the president signed a bill that will provide hundreds of thousands of government employees with back pay after the shutdown ends. >> he just signed that bill last week. but can i give you some real world? i'm talking to these people every single day. they just can't -- the tsa guys in detroit can't pay for the gas to go to work. i talked to a secret service agent who is putting his life and willing to take a bullet, and his kids are suffering. he can't explain -- maria: i think, i think we both
10:31 pm
agree on this -- [inaudible conversations] >> and i hope we get people -- what we need to do is get in regular order. we have six bills that have been negotiated, agreed to by senate and house republicans and democrats -- maria: you know what i think people get frustrated with? i think no matter what side you're on, you just want to see some honesty, and you want to see honesty whether it be at the border wall or whether it be in terms of what went on in the 2016 election or this past week, buzzfeed coming out with a report saying that the president directed michael cohen to high for him to congress -- to lie for him to congress and then the special counsel, in a very rare move, had to come out and say that report is inaccurate. what did you think about that? >> i don't know what to think, and you know me, i am someone that's very blunt. he didn't totally deny -- maria: he said it's inaccurate, is what the special counsel -- >> he said it was inaccurate. maria: inaccurate. so should we continue with all of this stuff going out there and the zeitgeist to make people
10:32 pm
think on the one hand the president said to lie, on the other hand, you know, the president said that, you know, he just wants the wall and doesn't -- and the democrats want border security? i mean, honesty, i think, is what we all want on both sides of the aisle. >> one of the reasons i think donald trump got elected was because the american people were tired of partisan bickering. and they thought that it would bring a change. unfortunately, it hasn't brought a change. i think you're exactly right. they're tired of seeing this. maria: yeah. >> we've got to get in the room, and we've got a brand new class with a lot of -- maria: there's a lot of division. congresswoman, good to see you. >> bring people together! maria: congressman john ratcliffe is up next o the fact is, americans move more than anyone else in the world. on average, we'll live in eleven homes. and every time we move, things change. apartments become houses, cars become mini vans.
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maria: welcome back. reaction from the other side of the aisle, i want to bring in republican congressman from texas, john ratcliffe, he sits on the house homeland security committee. he's also a former federal prosecutor. congressman, it's always a pleasure. thanks for joining us this morning. >> you bet. good morning, maria. maria: you just herald congresswoman debbie dingell. your reaction to the special come, in a very rare move, coming out and refuting that buzzfeed report which was all in the headlines, top headlines on all the news last week that the president had directed michael cohen, his former lawyer, to lie for him to congress. >> i'm glad the special counsel did it. it was the right thing to do. he deserves credit for that.
10:37 pm
i think the president ghei him credit for that -- gave him credit for that. i guess the question that i would have, maria, is why now almost two year into the special counseling's tenure does he take this extraordinary action to correct a fake news or false news article about the special counsel when there have been a dozen of them over the last two years? so is that just a coincidence, or does it have something to do with the fact that that happened two days after an attorney general nominee said for the first time i'm going to grade the special counsel's homework, and i'm going to get to the bottom of all of this and bring a fair and expeditious conclusion to this matter. so i don't think it's as much of a coincidence as it is a cause and effect of what happened earlier in the week at the attorney general's confirmation hearing. maria: yeah. i want to get back to bill barr's confirmation hearings and get your take on the timing when he might be confirmed, first week in february, i think, is what we talked about. but let me get your take on this, because you never bought
10:38 pm
into that story that buzzfeed reported, right? you never believed the president asked michael cohen to lie. >> no. listen, if there was a conspiracy with the president of the united states to lie to congress, that's the first thing michael cohen would have led with months ago, and it's the first thing the special counsel would have included. michael cohen wouldn't have pled to lying to congress, he would have pled to a conspiracy to lie to congress that involved the president. so i never for a second thought there was anything to that buzzfeed story, and i'm glad the special counsel corrected the record. maria: so the fact is now we're learning him say, oh, i was directed by the president after he's already been sentenced, he's going to go to jail for lying to congress. okay, let me move on, because we did also get some revelations from bruce ohr's closed door interview with you and your colleagues, transcribed interview with congressional investigators, and i want to talk about that because it really does put a spotlight on something whereas the people on
10:39 pm
the left and your detractors in terms of saying this is nonsense, jim comey continues to call owl of this -- all of this nonsense, you just -- we had jim himes on last week, one of your colleagues in the intel committee, and i talked about fisa abuse with the democratic congressman. listen to what he said. we know that there was real fisa abuse where the fbi did not tell the fisa judge who paid for the dossier, that it was a political document, etc. are you going to pursue that? are you going to seek the truth there? >> maria, that's not accurate, and i've looked at every single -- maria: what's not accurate, sir? >> that the justice department in any way misled the judge. i understand that that's the republican talking point, but that -- maria: congressman, your reaction. >> well, my reaction is that jim himes probably wishes he'd waited a week to come on your show, because as you said, maria, bruce ohr, parts of his testimony became publicly
10:40 pm
available this week, and he said just the opposite of what jim's, jim himes told you. bruce ohr raised his right hand and under penalty of perjury said what the fbi and the department of justice knew and when they knew it about christopher steele and the steele dossier. and, again, the opposite of what jim himes said last week, the opposite of what adam schiff put in a memo that he released to the american public last year on that summit. on that subject. but then again, those of us on capitol hill know that adam schiff and truth have always had a strained relationship and haven't gotten along very well. maria: adam schiff was out talking about, you know, him seeking the truth in other areas but nothing about this. p let's go through these transcripts, because you say to bruce ohr, okay, so again so the record is clear, what the department of justice and the fbi were aware of prior to the first fisa application was your relationship with christopher steele and glenn simpson, your
10:41 pm
wife's relationship with christopher steele and glenn simpson, mr. steele's bias against donald trump, your wife's compensation for work, glenn simpson and fusion gps, correct? is and then he answers you -- his lawyer gets involved and says can i have a second, and then bruce ohr answers you and says, right. so to reiterate, when i spoke with fbi, i told them my wife was working for fusion gps, i it would them fusion gps was doing research on donald trump. you know, i don't know. i know if i used the term opposition research, but certainly that was my -- what i tried to convey to them. explain this exchange and what you got from it. >> remember, bruce ohr is the number four person at the department of justice at the time, and why this is important, maria, is, you know, what we've been hearing from jim himes and from adam schiff and, frankly, from the fbi and the d. of justice was that the fbi and department of justice really didn't know much about the steele dossier until much, much
10:42 pm
later, in the fall of 2016. bruceover said under oath -- bruce ohr said under oath that before the russia investigation was ever opened, on july 30, 2016, he sat down with christopher steele. he knew that christopher steele had put together this dossier at the direction of hillary clinton and the democrats. he knew that christopher steele was biased and determined to stop donald trump, and that's why he wasn't willing to vouch for the credibility or the reliability of christopher steele and the dossier. and we know that he told that to the number two person at the fbi, andy mccabe, then lisa page, then peter strzok, then andrew weissman, most of whom ended up on bob mueller's special counsel team. so, again, all of this flies in the face, most or importantly, of what was submitted to the fisa court months later. none of this was revealed -- maria: yeah. >> none of this was disclosed. and that's why so significant. maria: and yet the first
10:43 pm
hearings of the house democrats that is coming up, they are bringing the witness to the floor, michael cohen. and that's going to happen when? when is this, that testimony happening, sir? >> february 7th. maria: okay. so they are looking at something different than what we are getting from these documents in terms of who said what and knew what when and the malfeasance at the top of the fbi. >> yeah. you know, you have to ask yourself if you're interested in finding the truth, would the first witness that you bring in be someone to testify to congress right before he goes to prison for testifying to congress untruthfully? that's not where i would go. maria: okay. i want to ask you where you would go. we're going to take a short break, because i know you have some ideas in terms of peeling back the onion even more. and then i've got to get your take on the bill barr hearings last week in terms of whether or not the incoming a.g. will be
10:44 pm
following the truth and seeking the truth in this regard. stay with us, congressman ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. get more than just savings. each day justin at work... walk. and after work. he does it all with dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort. to keep him feeling more energized. dr. scholl's. born to move. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials
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>> were you aware that mr. orr's we worked for that organization? >> i've read that. >> does that bother you if he had anything to do with the case? >> yes. >> you aware that on numerous occasions he met with mr. steele while his wife worked with fusion gps? >> i've read that. >> okay. the warrant certification against carter page, on four different occasions certifies that the dossier -- which was the main source of the warrant -- was reliable. would you look into see whether or not that was an accurate statement and hold people accountable if it was not? >> yes, mr. chairman. maria: that was the hearing for william barr, incoming a.g., i'm back with congressman john ratcliffe. your reaction to that and what is the timing for bill barr to get confirmed, in your view?
10:48 pm
>> well, my reaction is, you know, i don't know bill barr, but the people that i hold in high esteem like former attorney general john ashcroft and mike mukasey hold him in high esteem. you know, reputations only are good indicators of future conduct, but it's not a promise of that. what i heard lindsey graham do there was get a promise from bill barr that if he becomes the nominee, he'll get to the bottom of and that he's concerned about fisa abuse. so i'm very heartened by that, and i think the american people should be. there's an attorney general nominee who is interested in, finally, getting to the bottom of all this. maria: and i guess that empowers you as a congressman on the judiciary committee to hold him the account to pursue the truth. >> absolutely. we've been pushing hard on these issues, and that's why it's critical. ing. maria: and you want to see sally yates testify. >> i do. that's the perfect example of
10:49 pm
why. let's bring in the former deputy attorney general, sally yates, who signed the first fisa application. let's ask why she verified an unverified dossier according to her own deputy, bruce ohr, why she verified that christopher steele was reliable and credible when her own deputy, bruce ohr, had questions about christopher steele's reliability and credibility. none of that was disclosedded to the fisa court. my guess is that sally yates is probably going to say i wasn't aware of those facts, and if that's what she says, there's going to be a whole bunch of work for a bunch of criminal defense lawyers. maria: congressman, thanks very much. we'll be watching the developments. developments. >> all money managers might seem the same, developments. >> but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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maria: welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi appearing to take some
10:53 pm
retribution against fellow democratic new york congresswoman kathleen rice, blocking her bid to land a seat on the house judiciary committee after rice opposed the speaker's effort to regain the speakership. joining me now is new jersey democratic congress bank jeff van -- congressman jeff van drew. thanks so much for joining us. >> oh, it's great to be with you. thanks for having me. maria: so the blue dog coalition, i wonder the strength of the coalition today. do you feel that there is a wing of the democratic party that wants to work with the president, that actually would like to come to the bargaining table and perhaps would vote for border security? >> well, i think, absolutely, there is a wing, and i think that we need to insure that we negotiate as much as possible as soon as possible, 24/7. i believe it's been disgraceful to see, you know, our coast guard literally on soup lines and going to soup kitchens just
10:54 pm
to get food. i think it's disgraceful to see that our corrections officers, federal corrections officers -- maria: well, i think everybody feels that way. >> well, if we all feel this way, i mean, if we really do feel this way, this is not just some amorphous, philosophical issue, these are real people that can't pay real bills, then we've got to get this done. that doesn't mean -- maria: have you spoken with speaker moses about this. >> small amount, yes, i have. and i've spoked about -- spoken about it in caucus, through both of those caucuses you've mentioned -- maria: if i guess what i'm asking is, is there a wing of your party that is pushing back against speaker pelosi, saying, look, let's not go the resist route, and let's actually come up with border security? >> i think there is a part of the party that is beginning to really push this because it's been taking so long, without question. and i think you will see more
10:55 pm
and you will hear more. doesn't mean we're fractured and that everybody is split apart, it just means that we need to get this done -- maria: right. >> and, you know, real quickly, i think that there's ways to do that. so if we all know that we want to do something about daca, we all know that we immediately want to open up our government, then we know that the problem is border security. so let's sit down. maybe we need a panel that both sides agree upon that would determine what the border security would look like, and then we move forward. maria: right, because the truth is, congressman, there are some fractures within the party. by the way, on the left and the right. but specifically on the left when the vote was happening for nancy pelosi, you voted no. so i want you to explain that are if a moment, because initially, you know, when you vote like john ratcliffe, we just had on, he voted ken mccarthy. the majority, obviously, voted nancy pelosi, and that's why she's the speaker. what were you trying to say when you just said no? >> i was trying to say that i thought we needed a better process, that we really needed
10:56 pm
something that represented what at least my constituents wanted when i spoke to them. they said, you know, we really hope that we get somebody new that doesn't have maybe some of the pre-existing ideas and feelings and attitudes towards, you know, some of the folks that are there from the past. maria: are you willing to allocate some money toward some kind of a barrier fencing given the fact that nancy pelosi already has a wall in her own state? >> yes. i've made that clear. maria: you are. >> we are a nation of the rule of law, and we do need some type of barriers. and as we've all said ad nauseam with, you know, in some places it may be electronic, some places it may be drone, some places it may be an actual wall, but we do need to insure security. that is part of the deal, and it's something that we should do. and i think that there's a great number of democrats as well that really believe that that is -- maria: and real quick, do you think $5.7 billion seems reasonable? >> it, if it's spent in an appropriate and reasonable way.
10:57 pm
maria: yeah. >> and that's what we have to negotiate. maria: congressman, it's great to have you on the program. come back soon. thanks so much, sir. >> i will, thank you. maria: "sunday morning futures," maria: "sunday morning futures," that'll do ive got to tell you something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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>> good evening everybody. the crisis at the southern border worsens as a new caravan of 2000 hondurans have begun their planned track for guatemala to the border of mexico. capitol hill in disarray with chaos of their own making still holding the government hostage as they pushed their radical agenda of open borders and unfettered illegal immigration. honduran officials are warning the migrants that the left caravan organizers have lied to them from the onset. for their own


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